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Covid-19 Survey

Please take this quick survey regarding the Covid-19 Vaccine. This survey will end on August 4, 2021.

New Student Enrollment Information 2021/2022

We are pleased to announce that registration for new students is now open for • NEW students • Kindergarten Students • Students who have left the district and are returning

GMCS Summer Hour Schedule

Starting on June 30, 2021 our hours will be 7:30-5:30 We will be working 4 day weeks. Please see the schedule for the days we will be closed.

UNM-G Graduation

Congratulations to today's UNM-G graduates! UNM-G graduation can be viewed by clicking on the UNM-G Graduation link above.


Here is a link for scholarships. You can explore the "buttons" on the left to find a plethora of scholarship opportunities. The "external" scholarships can be used at any college (even out of state). Look at each scholarship link...if you qualify for it, apply for it...if you don't meet the qualifications, cross it off and move on. There are lots of scholarships available. It just takes time for you to go through and fill out the applications. This link provides many opportunities!

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Mission Statement Featured Photo

Mission Statement

It is our mission in the Gallup McKinley County School District to prepare our students for success. We empower and develop our students through Building knowledge Promoting essential skills and positive character traits providing safe and healthy learning environments and creating strong partnerships with parents, schools and communities